A brief note on CEDOK

Centre for Entrepreneurship Development of Karnataka (CEDOK), Dharwad, is a Government of Karnataka promoted organization sponsored by the Department of Industries and Commerce. The center was registered under the Karnataka Society Act 1960 No. 2/92-93 on 15th May 1992. Now it is transferred to Department of Skill Development, Entrepreneurship and Livelihood, GOK.

It is widely recognized that education can be a very effective instrument to bring out latent resources and capabilities of people. Based on this belief, the mission of CEDOK is :

  • To augment the supply of entrepreneurs through education and training.
  • To produce a multiplier effect on opportunities for self-employment.
  • To improve the managerial capabilities of small entrepreneurs
  • To contribute to the dispersal of entrepreneurship and thus expand the social base of the entrepreneurial class in urban/rural areas.
  • Conducting Monitoring and Evaluation studies.
  • Entrepreneurship Development Programmes, covering target groups of General and Special for Women SC & ST, Minorities and Backward Classes
  • To be a center of learning for a trainer – motivators on entrepreneurship development.
  • To contribute to the growth of entrepreneurship culture, spirit and entrepreneurship development in developing countries.

CEDOK has trained 3,96,176 candidates in 7,647 various programs sponsored by various departments of State and Central Government, since its inception in 1992 till the end of March 2018.

During the year 2018-19 up to 31.01.2019 CEDOK has trained 72,021  candidates in 898 various programmes.

Organization Chart