Bard AI App Download for Android, IOS, Desktop for Free

Bard AI App Download :- Goggle has recently announced to launched its AI based chatbot BARD AI in 180 countries in rival of ChatGPT. Which provide latest and Realtime result. Currently its available in three language, google has confirmed soon it will available in many different other languages. If you searching for to Google Bard AI app Download then you are on right place will provide all detailed information about BardAI App and its feature and how to use.

Bard AI App Download

Bard AI App Download Highlights

NameBard AI App
Developed ByGoogle
Launch YearMarch 2023
TypeLarge language model (LAMDA)
Official Website

What is Google Bard AI App

Google Bard AI is newly launched AI chatbot Google, which can answer various type of questions, generate text, translate languages, write scripts for movies, videos and other different type of creative content, it will also help to programmer in their coding. Bard AI is in under development, but it has already learned to perform many types of tasks. Google trained it with massive dataset of text and code, and it also have capability to get information from google search in real time. Bard AI is a powerful AI tool that can be used for many purposes. It can be used for research, education, and entertainment. It can help people with their work and personal lives. On internet its main competitor is OpenAI chatbot which is know as ChatGPT.

Bard AI App Download

As per research Google Bard AI is still under development, There Google not announced it any official app available for it. But on playstore many app can found which claim Bard AI app in fact they are fake. However, you can access Bard AI through the Google AI website. To do this, you just need to open in your web browser and click on the “Try Bard” button which is shown below, and continue with your existing mail id, after that you will be able to interact with Bard AI through a text-based interface.

Google plans to release official app for Bard AI in the future. But there is no specific release date announced by google.

Steps to Download Bard AI App for Free

To download the Bard AI App, the user needs to follow below given steps.

  • You just need to open or you can search it on google.
  • When Google Bard homepage open in your browser Click on Try bard.
  • Now you need to continue with your existing email or you can create new.
  • Now new page will be open of Bard AI.
  • Here you can directly start to chat by simpley enter your prompt.
  • If you want donload it as app then you just need to click option icon of your web browser e.g. in case u using chrome the just click three dot on right upper corner.
  • Here you see option add to home screen.
  • Now you need to enter name “BardAI App” and save it.

By above given process you can Download Bard AI App in your Android, iOS, or PC.

Important Link

Bard AI AppClick Here
How To Use Bard AIClick Here
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What is BARD AI Mobile app for?

Bard AI is mobile app which is going to launch in future by google to access bard through app.

How to use Bard AI for free?

Google Bard AI is already launched free for everyone uyou can directly use it by simply login via email-id.

Is there a Bard AI app?

No, Google not announced it for any official app of its BardAI but user can use it by its web version.

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