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Sanchar Saathi: Sanchar Saathi, is the newly launched integrated citizen-centric web portal by Department of Telecom, this portal serves as an important resource for the general public. Officially launched in May 2023, the website this newly launched government website provide feature to block lost or stolen mobile and track active/issued sim card or particular Aadhar id where people can take direct action unauthorized number. This portal name is

Sanchar Saathi Portal Track Lost/Stolen

In this article, we will get complete detail and use case of this sanchar saathi portal, including its all topic such as portal features, main objectives, services provided, active states, step-by-step process to check registered online connections and take action against lost/stolen device, we will also know login process and how we can operate this portal. In addition, we will explore the importance of the Sanchar Saathi portal in resolving issues related to mobile devices and SIM cards.

Make sure you read the complete article to gain a complete understanding of the functioning and operational mechanism of the Sanchar Saathi portal.

Key Highlights Portal

Portal NameSanchar Saathi
In association withDepartment of Telecommuncations
BeneficiariesAll Indian Citizens
BenefitsTo Block or Unblock and Find Lost/Stolen Mobile, Track Connection
Portal ObjectiveGet Device info Via IMEI, Rise complaint for Block/Unblock Lost/Stolen Mobile
Service Access ModeOnline
Launching Year2023

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What is Sanchar Saathi portal ?

SancharSaathi is an recently launched integrated citizen-centric web portal developed by the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Previously government launch TAFCOP portal which is only available in few states and also that website crashes but this the new upgraded version of TAFCOP and CEIR Portal, which is available for all Indian Citizen and easy to use, sanchar sathi offer various functionalities to assist and benefit the general public on a regular basis.

 Sanchar Saathi portal

The Sanchar Saathi portal operates under the authority of the Department of Telecommunications, an arm of the Indian government. Its primary objective is to provide seamless support and services to citizens. One of the modules, TAFCOP, is designed specifically to aid consumers in checking the number of active mobile connections registered under their names.

The Indian government introduced the TAFCOP Portal as a means for customers to easily identify mobile numbers associated with their names and take appropriate action if necessary. By utilizing the TAFCOP module, mobile subscribers can conveniently verify the number of mobile connections linked to their identities. Furthermore, the portal enables users to report any mobile connections that they either do not require or have not obtained.

Benefit of Sanchar Saathi Portal

CEIR, short for Central Equipment Identity Register, is a state-of-the-art system designed to track and recover lost or stolen mobile devices. Its primary function is to facilitate blocking of lost or stolen mobile devices on all telecommunication networks in India, rendering them unusable. The purpose of this proactive measure is to prevent unauthorized use of such equipment within the country.

The CEIR module operates by generating traceability whenever an attempt is made to access a blocked mobile phone. This allows authorities to track the location and activities associated with the blocked device. Once the mobile phone is found, it can be unblocked through the CEIR portal, thereby helping its rightful owner to resume normal usage.

This innovative solution serves as a valuable resource for citizens who have become victims of stolen or lost mobile phones. By taking advantage of the CEIR portal, individuals can protect themselves from fraudulent activities and reduce the risks associated with the loss of their mobile devices.

Objectives of Sanchar Saathi Portal 2023

Sanchar Saathi Portal is ready to be activated offering two essential services: CEIR and TAFCOP. This unique combination provides users with a convenient platform accessible through the official website The CEIR services available on this portal enable seamless identification of stolen or lost mobile phones. By employing this process, the IMEI numbers of the reported stolen mobile devices are blocked. As a result, network operators blacklist the detected device and lock the phone, thus protecting consumer data and significantly reducing the potential for SIM card misuse and device theft.

TAFCOP, which stands for Telecommunications Active Mobile Connections Oversight Program, is a service dedicated to identifying and tracking active mobile connections belonging to individual subscribers. Its primary objective is to take appropriate measures to recover any unknown mobile connection associated with the subscriber’s name. By doing so, TAFCOP aims to protect consumers from fraudulent activities.

The introduction of TAFCOP marks the introduction of a new module which allows mobile subscribers to easily verify the number of mobile connections registered under their name. Through this online portal, users can also report any mobile connection that they either do not require or have not authorized personally.

Required Documents for Sanchar Saathi CEIR Report

Below list of all necessary documents which is used while complaint online form official portal. Scanned copy of required documents must in PDF or JPEG format.

  1. Scanned Copy of FIR.
  2. Scanned Copy of Mobile Bill Invoice
  3. Valid ID Proof e.g. Aadhar Card/Passport/Voter Card/Driving License

How to block lost mobile phones?

In case your device is lost or stolen then your first need to FIR in nearest police station after that you need to register for block that lost or stolen device via Sanchar Saathi official website.

Below we have given easy and simple step by step process to complaint for your lost or Stolen mobile via Sanchar Saathi Portal citizen service
  • In first step you need to open official website in your smartphone or computer.
  • Scroll Down or Click on Citizen Centric Service from menu.
sanchar saathi block lost or stolen mobile
  • Now Click On Block Your Lost/Stolen Mobile CEIR.
  • That will redirect you on new url
ceir block stolen or lost phone
  • In this step you need to click on Block Lost/Stolen Mobile.
  • Now registration from will be open front of you.
  • Fill that registration form carefully with all required details.

Lost/ Stolen Registration form is divided in three stage we have shown step by step process below which you can follow.

Device Information

sanchar saathi device information
  • Enter Your Active Mobile Number
  • Enter Lost/Stolen device IMEI Number
  • Select Lost/Stolen Device Brand
  • Enter Lost/Stolen Device Model
  • Upload Lost/Stolen Device Purchase Invoice

Lost Information

sanchar saathi lost information
  • Enter the name of place where your mobile is lost/ stolen.
  • Enter the exact date when your device was stolen/lost
  • Enter the State name where your device is lost.
  • Enter the District name where Mobile stolen/lost
  • Select Police station where you have complained (FIR).
  • Enter FIR/Complaint Number
  • Upload Scanned copy of FIR/Complaint.

Mobile Owner Personal Detail

sanchar saathi personal detail
  • Enter Device Owner Name
  • Enter Owner Address
  • Upload Identity Proof Document
  • Enter Valid Email ID which is Active.
  • Enter Active Mobile Number where you can receive OTP and future updates.

After fill all details kindly cross verify all details carefully after that read declaration and tick self-declaration box and click on submit button. After submit you will get complaint document in PDF which you can print for future reference you will also get complaint number after registration which you can use for track status of complaint.

Complaint for Lost/Stolen Mobile Started on Sanchar Saathi Portal

Complaint request of Lost/Stolen Mobile will be accepted from below given date in case your device lost/stolen before given dates then you can’t take action on this through this portal if your device lost/stolen after below given date then you can take action. for it

States/UTLost/Stolen Complaint Started From
Andaman & Nicobar15.03.2023
Andhra Pradesh15.03.2023
Arunachal Pradesh30.09.2022
Dadar & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu15.03.2023
Himanchal Pradesh15.03.2023
Jammu & Kashmir15.03.2023
Madhya Pradesh15.03.2023
NCT Delhi30.09.2022
Tamil Nadu15.03.2023
Uttar Pradesh15.03.2023
West Bengal15.03.2023

What is IMEI? and How to get IMEI Number?

Full form of IMEI is International Mobile Equipment Identity, this is a unique identity 15-digit number which is assigned for each any device which using SIM such as your mobile device (Basic Phone/Smartphone).your internet dongle etc. Since the government moratory this code this code will be found on every device as well as device box. We can also access this code by just dialing *#06#. Dual sim devices have two IMEI numbera.

The importance of the IMEI number cannot be underestimated for several reasons. First, it plays a vital role in tracking stolen phones, helping authorities locate and recover the device. In addition, it serves as a means of preventing the use of lost or stolen phones on mobile networks through blocking mechanisms. Mobile networks rely on IMEI numbers to identify and authenticate devices, allowing them to blacklist phones that have been reported lost or stolen. This measure helps to discourage unauthorized use of such equipment and promotes security in the mobile industry.

Know Your Registered Mobile Connection

Know Your Registered Mobile Connection on your particular user id such as Aadhar you can follow the below given step.

tafcop know your mobile connection
  • First you need to open official website of in your browser.
  • Now scroll down and go to citizen centric services.
  • Now you need to click on Know Your Mobile Connection TAFCOP.
  • After click that will redirect you to the new page.
 sanchar saathi tafcop detail
  • On this page you will need to enter your mobile number.
  • Enter captcha code and validate it.
  • Enter your mobile number and click on login.
  • Now dashboard will be open of Sanchar Saathi Portal where all active mobile connection will listed.
  • You can directly take action on unauthorized number through this portal.

What is KYM? Know Your Mobile

KYM full form is know your mobile .Through KYM app user can check the actual manufacturing date of any mobile device through their IMEI Number . User can find any device IMEI number by just simple dialing *#06# if you have dual sim mobile phone you will see two IMEI number which you can use any one number. You can also get these same number on Device box or its official Bill-Invoice. User can also take right steps while buy second hand mobile device, they can use this KYM app which is introduced by to check all valid information before buy and device.

In case device show on this app in blacklisted list then considered to don’t buy that device, you can also check any device before buy to check that IMEI in this app if app show device already in use then consider to not buy that particular phone.

Below we have listed 3 method of  KYM (Know Your Mobile) which you can follow.


  • First open your Mobile Message App.
  • Now start new conversation/compose message.
  • Type KYM <15 digit IMEI number>
  • Send SMS to 14422 form any mobile number.
  • You will receive message within a minute with all details.

By following above detail you can check mobile status via SMS/Offline mode.

Note: For SMS KYM you must need to have active recharge plan to send that message.


  1. If you want to check mobile status/detail via app then you need to download KYM App.
  2. Open Play Store or Apple App Store according to your mobile operating system.
  3. Search for KYM App which is developed by CDOT.
  4. Click for install.
  5. After installation open that app.
  6. Now if you want check status of same device in which you using that app then just click on sim icon.
  7. If you want check other IMEI then just enter that number and click on verify.
  8. Now You will get details of that device.

Web portal

  • To check Device information via web you need to open in your browser or click below direct link.
  • Now click on web portal.
  • Now you need to enter your mobile number and request for OTP.
  • Now enter your OTP in Box and your IMEI number and click on view detail.
  • You will see device information of particular IMEI number.

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Download Sanchar Sathi KYM Android
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What is Sanchar Saathi ?

Ans. Sanchar Saathi is newly launched web portal by Department of Telecommunications which contain various modules like CEIR, TAFCOP. This portal provide services like tracing and blocking of the lost/stolen mobile devices user can also unblock mobile when its found. Through this portal user can check the number of mobile connections taken on his/her id.

Is SancharSaathi is fake?

No, SancharSaathi is a official government website which is launched by Department of Telecommuncation, Government of India

What is Sanchar Saathi CEIR module?

Through CEIR Sanchar Saathi Module user can Track/Block lost or stolen mobile device through Lost/Stolen device IMEI number.

What is Sanchar Saathi TAFCOP module?

Through Sanchar Saathi TAFCOP module subscriber can check the number of active mobile connections on his/her ID. Through this portal user can also report the mobile connection(s) which are either not required or not taken by the subscriber.

Who can use Sanchar Saathi?

All Indian citizen can use SancharSaathi web portal it is launched for all Indian states.

How to Block Lost/Stolen Phone On Sanchar Saathi?

The user can block the phone’s IMEI by following given steps.
1. Go to the police station and File a report and keep a copy of the report.
2. Get a duplicate SIM Card of lost number from your telecom service provider because you need to receive opt on your primary number.
Note: As per TRAI’s regulation, SMS facility on re-issued SIMs is enabled after 24 hours of SIM activation.
3. Get Ready Your following Documents- copy of police report, Identity Proof, and mobile purchase invoice these documents are need to upload on portal.
4. Open official website of Sanacharsaathi and Click on Block Lost/Sttolen Mobile.
5. Now Enter all details and upload documents and click on submit.
After submitting the form, you will receive Request ID that can be used for checking the status of your request and for unblocking the IMEI in future.
Through State Police.
Note: If you get message “Request already exist for IMEI and mobile number with FirNo on by State police while submitting form, that means your request of IMEI and mobile number is already exists in the CEIR system through State police.

How to find my lost phone?

If you have you bill invoice and FIR complaint they you can find/trace/block your phone via its IMEI number with the help of newly launch government portal Sanchar Saathi.

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